BCS Treasure Hunt Sunday 27-05-07

No lost twin for the "Loan Rangers" but who's doing the "Y"???

The Mandarin Oriental heard that the BCS were in town!

Stop please! We've changed our mind. We'll walk.

We asked for a John Travolta pose. Not a teapot!

Why is the driver taking photos of us?

Stop the press - London earthquake epicentre recorded at Millennium Bridge

Or is that just bad acting???

BCS film extras in the loo! All welcome!

Look mom! Only one hand!

Showtime in Covent Garden!

The tables in the background were full of diners before Da Dechiphers started singing!

The Mooncakers and Alan's Angels at the Top of the Town awards dinner

Mona Lisa and the Lone Rangers

Da Deciphers and Team with No Name

The Care For Children team

2nd Runners Up: Alan's Angels

1st Runners Up: Team with No Name

BCS Treasure Hunt 2007 Champions: Da Dechiphers

Building task: Construct the final resting place of Mary Magdelene

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